Why Honor Is Important

What does honor look like? Each of us may be doing some things really well. Some things we may fail in miserably.I share some ways I think will qualify in the way we honor, and serve, our parents at MomLifeToday .

Do You Trust Me

I realized after a while that God’s reason for asking me this isn’t that I doubted Him or ever knew Him to be untrustworthy.He wants to take me deeper into trusting Him.

On Becoming Still Again

If you’re a “Mary” and have allowed the greatest and best thing to become the hindered thing, do you wonder how to get it all back into alignment?

Want To Enjoy God’s Word With Me?

It is such a pleasure to be able to bring something like this to you! For the first time, I get to partake in an … Read More ›

Bible Study and Distractions

Cutting down on distractions while reading and studying the Word has become a thing for me. Before allowing the things “out there” that easily distract … Read More ›