Take Back Your Time

I found more freedom in knowing that my days can be somewhat predictable and most productive when I work within MY rhythm.

No Hunger in the Wait

He gives us the seed to sow so that His work is multiplied.
We freely give from the abundance and overflow of what we’ve harvested.
As we give, He replenishes!

When There is No More Stretch

This popular phrase came to me as I was talking with my husband about some nagging things that were on my mind. ”Put your big … Read More ›

Things We’ve Learned Over Twenty-Five Years

We hit the 25 year mark of marriage, y’all! Oh boy have we learned a lot and my gracious how we’ve continued to fall deeper … Read More ›

Keep Knocking On the Word

Keep Knocking On the Word

There is no way for me to advance in life without the guidance of Holy Spirit.
The majority of the time it looks like putting my eyes to the paper of Scripture and let it infuse my whole being.