Assigned – Ready Potential

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In reading the book of Nehemiah again, I’m reading some parts anew; verses that I’ve skimmed over before slowing down this time.

I wont get into the meat of the story of Nehemiah. There are a plethora of books, studies, and sermons about him and his mission.

Verse eighteen of chapter two is what I saw as a verse that holds great potential.
It was in the agreement with Nehemiah that the wall rebuilders would find their strength.
God’s gracious hand was on Nehemiah and that graciousness was transferred to the rebuilders. There was an assignment to be carried out, and this is first hand evidence that God gives us everything we need to accomplish His good work.

The potential is always there. It just has to be assigned.
There’s an appointed goal that required God’s anointing; His gracious hand.

the potential is there assigned

Is there anything in life that you know is an assignment from God, but you feel that you lack the ability, know-how, or strength?
It may be a great time to assign the potential, by making the first declaration: Let’s start rebuilding! God is the gracious strengthener!

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