As the Father Loved :: A look At John 15:9

Pursuing What Is Excellent :: As the Father Loved

As the Father loved Me,
I also have loved you;
abide in My love.
John 15:9 NKJV{emphasis added}

As the Father loved Jesus!
There is no holding back of our Father, God’s love.
He loves us with a fierce passion that we’ll never fully understand this side of glory.

Even when there’s NO DOUBT of how much love God has for me, I know there’s still so much more.

Jesus love me with the SAME LOVE that God loved Him [Jesus].

What a portion! WHAT.A.PORTION!As the Father love Me, I also have loved

Do you know what we’re to do with that love?


The words, “Abide in My love.” grips my heart every time.

We can’t go deep enough into that dwelling place, but we sure can, and should try!

Its like sitting back into that cozy chair, sinking in,
and still can’t get enough of that sinking in.
Ya just want to get all of the cozy from it that you can.

Sink into, abide in HIS love.

I’ll be investing some time in memorizing that verse.
It washes over my heart.
Its more of my assurance of God’s love for me!

With Sword and Coffee,

I’m joining Sara Borgstede in a 7-day Bible reading challenge, Abide in God’s Love.