As of Late…

This is my first go round with “AS OF LATE” hosted by my friend Kristen! After reading my few words, I encourage you to click the button here and read what she and others are getting into As of Late.image

  • Lately, I’ve been getting our Course of Study done for homeschool in the Fall. I’m finished. Now it’s purchasing time! (Imagine the giddiness in my voice AND believing God for provision!)
  • Lately, I’ve pushed back from my computer a little more
  • Lately, I’ve been listening to God louder than I listen to anyone else. (It does make sense).
  • Lately, I’ve been growing tomatoes on my front porch. It’s amazing the water they soak up!
  • Lately, my home is more peaceful. Hearts and minds are being renewed!
  • Lately, (and for some time now) God has allowed me to connect with wonderful women that I know actually pray for me! ALL of you know who you are and I love you much!!

How about you!? How has your “As of Late” been looking lately? Comment or even link up to the Editor’s Blog!

Until Next Time…Be Abundantly Blessed!