An Environment of Worship

Pursuing What Is Excellent -- An Environment of Worship“Before anything can inhabit a place,
the environment first has to be created.”

I’m not sure who originally made that statement, but I heard it from our Worship Pastor during our Team Night.

That resonated with me even as I went to sleep that night.

The Lord has been dealing with me about worship and praise and I’ve refrained from writing anything about it
because its still a process and a time of learning from my teacher.

I just wanted to share that little nugget though, because I think that there is someone reading this that knows they
need to press in to the presence of God through worship. That’s the way God has shown you how to get a breakthrough.

Come on and worship our King!

Create an environment of praise so that the Holy Spirit can dwell there!

True worship


I’m currently reading Linda Dillow’s book, Satisfy My Thirsty Soul: For I Am Desperate For Your Presence. (affiliate link)
I started reading it because it was a recommendation from a friend when I asked about books that are deeper than the “patty-cake” Christian books that I’ve come across.

I did not know that it was about worship until I was a couple of pages into it. By then I was hooked.
Normally I would have put it down because I thought I was a know-it-all about worship, but oh did God stop me in my tracks!
He whispered, “All you know is not all there is to know.”

I started attending a Women’s Bible study and the subject is…worship!
Y’all! There is a WHOLE LOT that I don’t know!

The Word of God and the topics therein can NEVER be exhausted!

Press into Him in on whatever He’s leading you to.

Praise the Lord!For it is good to sing praises

With Sword and Coffee,