Always Enough, Never Too Much {review and giveaway}

Always Enough, Never Too Much
Learning to Stop Hiding and Start Living


For many years I’ve asked the same question in many different ways:
”Lord, Am I seen?” “Does anyone else notice?”
Yes, I always know the answer to those questions, and He does faithfully guide me through seasons of being influential in others’ lives.
But isn’t it so human of me to want more…more from humans?!

I started reading Always Enough, Never Too Much  by Jess Connolly & Hayley Morgan on assignment, but it quickly became a way for me to exhale the turmoil and breathe in a refreshing burst of being known.

One side or the other, this book speaks to the heart! I was naturally drawn to the “Always Enough” side of this devotional style flip-book.

With devotional titles like:

◾Even When You Can’t Live Up to an Invisible Standard
◾Even When You Need Affirmation
Even When You Need Some Privacy
Even When You Feel Behind
Even When You Feel Unseen
Even If You’re Not in Vocational Ministry
Even When You Feel Like You’re Not Making Disciples

and many others, it was easy for me to identify with my need for Always Enough, Never Too Much.

even when you need affirmation

You see, this isn’t a book to HIGHLIGHT inadequacies in how we see ourselves (which is sometimes very shallow and not very true), but it’s a devotional to turn our eyes to our Creator God, and Author and Perfecter of Faith, Jesus!

Always Enough, Never Too Much, for me, are quiet whispers. The voice of acceptance, love, understanding, courage, light, and purpose.
In quiet tones is the way I hear my Father best and He finds ways to help me soften up a bit. When there are moments of self-doubt, uncertainty, or just plain ole wanting to quit “doing the good”, the reminders come.
This devotional these days is that reminder.

PWIE -- Always Enough -- Learn to Live

We’ve all been there. We know that sneaking, small voice in our heads all too well—you’re too loud. Too quiet. Too young. Too old. Too unimportant. Too ugly. Too silly. Too serious. You’re not as successful as she is—look at her perfect family, look at her high-powered job, look at her great hair and size 4 skinny jeans. Why can’t you be more like her—be more in general? Why do you expect so much from everyone? Why can’t you take up less space? Ask for less? Be less? The lies track well-worn paths in our minds and our hearts, wearing us down and making us question our role in God’s kingdom.

Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan, bestselling authors of Wild and Free will help you replace those lies with God’s truth. This devotional flip-book is designed for you, the woman who feels like she can be both too much and not enough—sometimes in the same day. When you  banish lies and insecurities and find your identity in Jesus, you can embrace these truths: You are always enough. You are never too much.

There’s always a flip-side, right?
You may be that person that’s taken as being too brash and harsh.

Devotional titles like:

  • Even When You Have Strong Opinions
  • Even When You Have No Filter
  • Even When You’re Bold About God
  • Even When You’re Like a Tornado
  • Even When You Don’t Doubt
  • Even When You Analyze God’s Will Constantly
  • When You Have Big Dreams

may be more appealing to you.

Some of us will find ourselves on BOTH sides of the flip-book and I think that’s great!
God has made us to each uniquely and I think that it’s best when we allow that to shine through AS we find our way through God’s planned path for us.
It strengthens and emboldens us beyond what we’ve ever thought capable.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of Always Enough, Never Too Much, you can find it HERE *affiliate link, or where ever books are sold.
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