All American History (A Homeschool Crew Review)


Our family was blessed with a wonderful American History Curriculum; All American History, Uniting America’s Story, Piece by Piece, Volume 1 – The Explorers to the Jacksonians by Celeste W. Rakes from Bright Ideas Press.

We got a full curriculum set; the Hard Cover Student Reader, Teacher Guide and Student Activity Book.

It’s a full year’s curriculum in 32 weekly lessons. All American History was written with high school students in mind, but it can easily be adapted to primary and middle grades. This works perfectly for my family!

What All American History has to say for itself:

All American History Volume 1

By Celeste W. Rakes

Having taught American history a number of times, each time writing (and re-writing) her own materials, Celeste has shared her love of history with many students in her homeschool classes. Designed to be engaging and written in a comfortable style, All American History reads like a good book — bringing America’s story to life piece by piece.

Containing hundreds of images and dozens of maps, All-American History Volume I is a complete year’s curriculum for students in grades 5 – 8 when combined with the Student Activity Book and Teacher’s Guide. It is also adaptable for younger and older students. The first volume covers Exploration through 1840.

Each week includes a chapter from the Reader, maps, forms, and review questions in the Activity Book, and plenty of hands-on and further research ideas in the Teacher Guide. (As well as great teaching tips, ANSWERS to everything, and a great book list!) The teacher book also provides additional hands-on and further research ideas for the younger students you may use this with.

There are 32 weekly lessons, and each lesson contains three sections examining:

  • the atmosphere in which the event occurred
  • the event itself
  • the impact this event had on the future of America

I like the break down of the Units and Lessons. There are 4 Units: The Age of European Exploration, The Period of Colonization, The Period of Revolution and The Period of Establishment and Expansion.

With this being a Textbook with teacher’s guide and student activity book, the guess work is taken out of planning and preparing lessons. That is exactly what I need.

The cost for All American History is a really good deal considering what is included. You can save 16% by buying the complete set; Student Reader, Teacher Guide, and Activity Book for $68.00

Each part can be purchased individually as well:

  • Student Reader (Hard Cover, 443 pages), $44.95
  • Student Activity Book (Soft cover, perfect-bound, 3-hole punched and perforated, 312 pages), $16.95
  • Teacher Guide with Answer Key (Soft cover – a must have to use the program, 268 pages), $18.95

Oh….one thing that I did with the Student Activity Book was buy a big binder to keep the Activity book and any loose pages in. I also purchased page protectors to put the loose pages in. I’ve found it very helpful.

Another bonus that I found on Bright Ideas Press’ All American History page is a link to join an All American History Yahoo Group that is filled with ideas and tips. I’m taking full advantage of that!

All American History is the American History curriculum of my choice!! I can truly say that I’m looking forward to using All American History Vol. 2 also.

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