A Woman’s Guide to Fasting ~A Book Review

 A Woman’s Guide to Fasting by Lisa E. Nelson
Published by Bethany House

It was truly a pleasure to read A Woman’s Guide to Fasting.
Even from a young age I’ve known about fasting and praying. I didn’t always understand the “why”. I knew that while fasting I was to use that time for prayer…but praying for what? Besides, my problems or issues weren’t THAT big.

Over the years I’ve learned that there doesn’t have to be a problem or issue at all to fast.
As Lisa Nelson simply puts it, “True biblical fasting is not about the external act of not eating; it is about the internal work of the heart seeking hard after God.”

Offering insights and realistic advice specifically for women, she answers vital questions such as:

  • How do I fit fasting into a busy schedule?
  • How should I prepare physically? Spiritually?
  • What should I do–and expect–before, during, and after a fast?
  • What cautions should I be aware of?
  • What are the best ways to end a fast?
  • How can I make the most out of a non-food fast?

In A Woman’s Guide to Fasting, Lisa shares not only the Why and the What, but also the How.  She gives great details to different time periods of fasting and levels of fasting.

What I like most about this guide to Fasting is that the focus isn’t totally on the “how to” but she strongly stresses the important of knowing that God has called you to a fast. Being led by the Holy Spirit is vital in fasting because a breakthrough in your walk with Christ is what is to be accomplished.

Even if I don’t use this book solely as a guide to fasting, its a valuable tool in learning to get closer to God in the off-season of fasting.

A Woman’s Guide to Fasting isn’t an “over-your-head” kind of read. Lisa is practical, pointed and speaks in terms that are easy to understand without talking down to or condemning the reader. She’s gentle in her step by step guidance.

Some of the reasons that fasting may be needed can be spiritual growth, intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare, in obedience to a call, or in response to a crisis.

There are so many things that spoke directly to my heart while reading this book.
I’m honored to be able to share chapter 1 excerpt with you:

A Woman’s Guide to Fasting

About: Lisa E. Nelson has led retreats and workshops on fasting for several years. An active speaker and leader in Protestant Women of the Chapel, an international ministry to military spouses, she has worked as an attorney and university law teacher. Her husband, John, is a colonel in the United States Army. They have two children and live in Fairfax, Virginia.

Where to Purchase: A Woman’s Guide to Fasting can be purchased at Amazon, Christianbook.com, BarnesandNoble.com and your local bookstore and retails for $12.99

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