A Martha Heart

I told you this day was coming!! Today is the DAY!! Can you tell that I’m excited?!
Would you like a place to be inspired, ministered to? A place to rest and relax? A place to learn and grow? A Martha Heart fits the “bill”.
Several women that I’ve gotten pretty acquainted with make up this beautiful team. God is inspiring and I’m blessed to be a part.
What you’ll find at A Martha Heart:

  • Entering Into His Presence (Foyer)
  • Heartbeat of the Home (Family Room)
  • Food for Living (Kitchen)
  • Family Business (Office)
  • Living to Learn (Study)
  • Cleansing of the Heart (Laundry)
  • From Hidden to Light (Closet)
  • Intimate Issues (Bedroom)
  • Hearth of the Home (Dining Room)
  • Healthy Living (Back Yard)
  • Beauty: Inside and Out (Powder Room)
  • Dusting off Ambitions (Attic)
  • Reaching Out in Friendship (Front Porch)
  • Recharge and Restore (Time Away)

As you can see, a lot will be offered at A Martha Heart. They’re opening up the rooms one by one.  I will be writing for a few rooms. I don’t want to give that away yet. You’ll just have to check back often to see. 

Please pray for our team as God blesses and anoints us all.

Come on over to A Martha Heart. I’m heading back over there right now. Have a rest filled day my friends!

Until next time…Be Abundantly Blessed!