A Journey Through Learning (A Homeschool Crew Review)


This product review comes pretty easy for me. My children and I have been doing Lapbooks for the past year now and absolutely enjoy it! TOS Homeschool Crew was given the opportunity to review A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks and Unit Studies. I have seen these lapbooks around ever since our family decided to lapbook but never made the leap to purchase. Now I see what I was missing!! Photobucket 
My 7 year old chose to do the Autumn lapbook with Study Guide for 2nd-7th grade. In this Study, the activities were:

What is Autumn? Why Do Leaves Change Color?
Foods of Autumn My Fall Recipes
The First Thanksgiving Autumn Joke!
Fall Vocabulary Symbols of Autumn
My Favorite Nature Items Building a Bird Nest
A Day Outside In Autumn Migrating South
Helping the Birds Rosh Hashanah
Labor Day Grandparent’s Day
Thanksgiving Interesting Things About Fall
Migrating Birds Back to School
Fall Maze Describing Autumn
Nature Scavenger Hunt Trees In Autumn
Leaf Rubbings

It was a pleasure to see my daughter’s eyes light up when she learned something new about Autumn.
 Photobucket My 9 and 11 year old sons chose to do the Reptiles Lapbook with Study Guide for 2nd – 6th Grade. They are always fascinated by Reptiles and other creepy-crawly thing. This Lapbook with Study Guide gave them a wonderful opportunity to learn more.

Here is what we found in this study:

What Are the Characteristics… How Do Reptiles Defend Themselves
What Are the Different Classes Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs
What Do Reptiles Eat What is a Food Chain
Reptile Food Chain Chameleons Are Very Strange
Tell Me About Crocodiles Tell Me About Lizards
Tell Me About Turtles Tell Me About Snakes
Scales! Beware! Venomous Snakes Ahead
Snake Bite Rescues

To anyone who is new to lapbooking, A Journey Through Learning explains in great detail what lapbooks are and how to assemble them. Not only that, but detailed photos of what each lapbook is to look like when finished is included.
A Journey Through Learning offers SO many great products from Lapbooks to Unit Studies in the subjects of History/Social Studies, Science and Bible.
The Lapbooks that my family did can be purchased in 3 formats; Instant Download: $13.00, CD: $14.00 and Printed: $21.00
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