A Firm Grasp on a Husband’s Leading

clip_image002Anyone that knows me knows my heart for marriage; when its wonderful, great, good, not so good and the downright ugly. 

The goal is to walk faithfully in the covenant that we are bound by.

We work toward our destiny of a sacred marriage; one that is God honoring and in turn becomes pleasing to each other.

As I was going through my Reader today, the title of a post caught my eye. I opened it and was captivated by how much the author loves, honors and respects her man; her second love.

Sunny’s post at About My Father’s Business is:
So inspirational
So heartfelt
So what I would say myself

I strongly urge you to read it in its entirety. Sunny lays it down like tile and cements it with God’s Word and powerful marching orders. 

My prayer is that her post will encourage you to seek God’s very best for your marriage.

Follow the link to My Second Love.
Until next time…
Be abundantly blessed!