A Daddy and His Sons – Insight That Momma Doesn’t Have

A Daddy and His Boys
Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I just learned a lesson from my husband!
Nope. Its not the first time!
Our younger two sons started bickering, and pushing on each other over sofa space.
I’d already told them a couple of times to stop and then resorted to this threat,
“Boys!! I’m gonna send your daddy in there….and if I send your daddy in there, you’re not gonna like the outcome.”
Their fighting lasted a few seconds longer and I finally sent them to their room.
My husband got up from his desk.
The next thing I hear is our youngest son making sounds that were a mix between being hurt (he gets dramatic sometimes) and playing.
I swiftly walked to their room to find their daddy play wrestling with them.
Our boys didn’t need another “sit down and act right” lecture.
They needed their daddy to help them release energy in the best way that fellas do it.
I’m thankful for my man’s insight in that.
It’s something that I need to be mindful of.

See….just a simple nugget.
A simple time of being parents and loving on our kids!

With Sword and Coffee,