31 Days to Clean ~ Week 3

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

This marks week 3 of the HOMEmaker’s Challenge: 31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae, hosted by Christin of Joyful Mothering.

Here’s a peak at what our day’s were like:
Day 11 ~ Limitations
Day 12 ~ The Thing We All Have in Common – Imperfection
Day 13~ Fighting Fatigue
Day 14 ~ The Secret to Having Energy
Day 15 ~ I’d Rather Do Anything But Clean
I’m going to do something a little different this week. I’m going to give you a “nugget”, or quote from each day!

Limitations: “If you are someone struggling with pregnancy, depression, chasing after little ones, balancing job and home, etc. just do something. Make your bed, vacuum; put some flowers on your dining room table. Do one small thing to bring life to your home even if you don’t feel like you have much life in you at the moment.”

Imperfection: “No one has it all together, not even your super organized cleaning friend you’ve been wishing to be like.”

Fighting Fatigue: “If you’re not prego or nursing, my number one suggestion is: CAFFEINE! Allow yourself to indulge in some of it, preferably in coffee.”  ……Now you know that I couldn’t NOT mention something that suggests coffee, right?

The Secret to Having Energy:Allow yourself the freedom to do something you get jazzed about…Find something you thoroughly enjoy, something that makes you come alive, and then make time for it in your schedule (unless it comes at the expense of your family).”

Motivation: “Remind yourself how happy your husband is when he comes home to a clean home…think about your children enjoying a clean environment. Think on the eternal value of your work.”

Prayerfully these are some nuggets that you can use in your heart and home. Keep it fun! Keep it light! Make memories; not headaches!

Living With Sword and Coffee,