31 Days to a Better Marriage 2014 Fall Edition {FREE} eBook

31 Days to a Better Marriage eBook Our Free Gift to You
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Oh friends!
I’m so excited to share a project that I’ve had the privilege to be a part of again!!
There’s a new absolutely FREE eBook available!

But not just ANY eBook!
31 Days to a Better Marriage has been a ministry that is made up of website posts from 30 different authors writing about a subject that I’m most passionate about!


Carlie from Managing Your Blessings has converted the 31 posts into an eBook to make it easy for us to quickly turn to the pages that speak to us the most and to pass on to other married women to enjoy.

Download your copy today by either clicking on the photo or the link below.
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Enjoy our gift to you!
Download your copy:
31 Days to a Better Marriage

With Sword and Coffee, and to a better marriage,