Forgetful. Not Forgetful

I forget things! I’ve been that way since childhood. I even had a keychain when I was in high school that read, “I suffer from … Read More ›

I’m Hosting a Hello Mornings Bible Study

By a show of hands, how many of you are familiar with the Hello Mornings Bible Studies? Good! That’s what I thought! I’ve participated in … Read More ›

No Doubting. No Wavering.

Have you gotten into a pattern of doubting God? Doubt cripples faith and brings with it all kinds of fear; especially worry! Doubt cries out, … Read More ›

Back To School Science Projects

Ah! I can hear the swiping of the pages on those online curriculum catalogs and the frantic dog-earing of those print catalog pages! Or is … Read More ›

An Environment of Worship

“Before anything can inhabit a place, the environment first has to be created.” I’m not sure who originally made that statement, but I heard it … Read More ›