Caffeinated Randomness: Dream Huge!

Today is a very condensed version (Like Campbells Soup). Brian and I are heading out to a business conference. They call it Dream Big, but … Read More ›

Noise Destroys

Have you ever heard that phrase? Noise Destroys. What is noise and what does it destroy?Noise is ANY distraction; negative, positive and neutral.Noise destroys and … Read More ›

7 Things About Me. Doubly Loved Edition

First Jennifer! Then Shawntele! I’ve been tagged!I run out of interesting things to tell people about myself and when it comes to these memes, I’m … Read More ›

The Homeschool Mother’s Journal

In my life this week…I shared all that I could think of in yesterday’s Caffeinated Randomness post.In our homeschool this week…We actually hit 2 out … Read More ›

Caffeinated Randomness: Just So

I can do random. I’ve done random for a little while now. Our family has had some cool things happening that I just haven’t told … Read More ›