My Dear Wife (A Note From My Husband)

{This entry will be shared both here and my Personal Blog.}I was doing a little cleaning out a few days ago and came across a … Read More ›

THV: A Thanksgiving Interview

This week’s link up at The Homeschool Village:This week we’d like you to interview your kids and ask them to share what they like most … Read More ›

My Thoughts On These “Walls”

I’m thinking deeper expression here. I’m thinking going beyond the “cutesy”. I’m thinking audacity. I’m thinking no more mediocrity. I’m thinking that I wont dare be … Read More ›

You Will Reap. It’s The Law!

4 short years ago, our family of 8 lived in an old mill house. Two bedrooms and One bathroom were crammed into the meager 700 … Read More ›


I have twice now posted something about “Expecting” on my Facebook status update. The automatic response of a few friends is, “You’re expecting?!” With having … Read More ›