God and Passion

Today’s post will be few in words, but rich in context (in my opinion). I was talking with my husband last night about this subject: … Read More ›

Caffeinated Randomness: Back From Vacation

Our family took our first self-paid vacation last week. We’ve vacationed with family before, but not without some restrictions.We went to Ruby Falls, Rock City … Read More ›

Happy is the Man

My man has a new spark, a new excitement, a renewed passion for his marriage.Prayer works girls! Miracles and breakthrough do happen. Was my marriage … Read More ›

Happily Ever Laughter

In Happily Ever Laughter you’ll find real-life stories from humorists who know how to spot life’s funny events, even when the joke fall squarely on … Read More ›

Caffeinated Randomness: Whew! What a WEEK!

Can you say “Battlefield!”? That’s what I’ve been on this week, but I ain’t skured!I wont take the time to cover it again here (that’s … Read More ›