Celebrating My Husband!

   I usually have a lot to say about marriage. Today, since my husband is taking a day of rest…much needed and deserved, I’m spending … Read More ›

A Firm Grasp on a Husband’s Leading

Anyone that knows me knows my heart for marriage; when its wonderful, great, good, not so good and the downright ugly.  The goal is to … Read More ›

Sweet 16!!

  Today she turned 16; our daughter Aubrey Celeste. She is growing into the young woman that God has ordained her to be. It’s amazing … Read More ›

Caffeinated Randomness: It’s a Wrap. Well, Almost…

May will soon be rolling over into June. The school year will be ending soon for public schools and for our homeschool. We roughly follow … Read More ›

Worker at Home

Older women (are to) teach what is good…that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, … Read More ›