The Right Man… A Word to the Single Woman

Per my youngest sister’s, Crystal, request, I am posting “The Right Man” for any Single Women that read my blog. As far as I can … Read More ›

Book Review:The Silent Governess (Fiction)

The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen (Bestselling author of The Apothecary’s Daughter). Olivia Keene is fleeing her own secret. She never intended to overhear his.But … Read More ›

My Dreams Can Still Come True

What little one doesn’t have larger-than-life dreams? I had dreams, but the didn’t seem to turn into a passion until I reached my pre-teen years. … Read More ›

Is He Slow…

…Or am I just impatient?I have a review due today, but thought I’d take a time out to talk about something that’s been on my … Read More ›

How Much Do You Know About Winston Churchill?

I’ll openly admit it… I knew almost absolutely NOTHING about Winston Churchill! That is until I read Winston Churchill: Christian Encounters Series by John Perry. … Read More ›