When You Feel Wronged by a Friend {a Never Unfriended Book Review}

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Oh yes! It’s happened before.
I THINK that a friend has wronged me, therefore, I FEEL wronged.
I can get all in my mind and since it’s the only voice that I hear, it’s telling me that I’m right, and my thoughts are valid…
but are they really?  Is the thought about my friend really true?

I’ve felt and have actually been slighted, excluded, and put at a distance by friends.

Then, I started reading Lisa-Jo Baker’s newest book, “Never Unfriended”, and got to the chapter where she encourages me to: “Give the Gift of the Benefit of the Doubt”.

Sometimes there’s an actual conflict brewing, but sometimes we’re the ones stirring it up by our

overreaction to a perceived slight

– Lisa-Jo Baker, Never Unfriended

Never Unfriended - When In Doubt, Believe The Best


But for real. WHAT does that look like?

How do I override the feelings? Lisa-Jo mentions a couple steps that she personally takes. I’ll highlight them and leave it up to you to read more about it in Never Unfriended.

  •  Physically move from where you are. Change the scenery.
  • Get into the spiritual room of your heavenly Father.

The thing that I want to point out is that there ARE times when there have been crazy bad things that happen in friendships, but how we handle both our emotions and the whole situation sets the tone for an explosion or sweet reconciliation.
That is the point that Lisa-Jo wants to get us to; righteously dealing with the issues.

Giving the gift of the benefit of the doubt isn’t the only thing that Lisa-Jo talks about in Never Unfriended.

She writes in 15 chapters, breaking them into 4 parts:

  • Part 1: What Are We Afraid Of?
  • Part 2: What Can’t We Do about It?
  • Part 3: What Can We Do about it?
  • Part 4: Where Do We Start?




 The secret  to finding and keeping lasting friendships: Become women who want to see
the women around them flourish.
Lisa-Jo Baker, Never Unfriended

Book Description:

While we are all hungry for friendship, it’s the fear of feeling awkward and being rejected, left out, or hurt (again) that often keeps us from connecting.  What if we knew we could NEVER by unfriended?  Would we risk friendship then?  Starting with that guarantee from the most faithful friend who ever lived—Jesus—this book is a step-by-step guide to friendships you can trust.  It answers the questions that lurk under the surface of every friendship—What are we afraid of?  What can’t we change?  What can we change?  And where do we start?  In her new book, Never Unfriended, Lisa-Jo Baker shares personal stories and practical tips to help you make the friends, and be the friend, that lasts.

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