What Other’s Words Create

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Pursuing What Is Excellent -- What Other's Words Create

I’ve recently started reading a great book that I know will be beneficial for me.

I wasn’t a few pages in before a simple, tucked away in a paragraph, sentence stirred me.
There was something there that I couldn’t put my finger on. I journaled and also asked God to reveal if there’s something that I’m overlooking.
Nothing has come up yet.

As I was able to sit still for a few minutes, my heart started pounding so rapidly.
I had to get serious with myself and ask, “What lens are you reading through?”
I know my tendencies of taking on other’s emotions. They don’t even belong to me.
For seasons I have to stop reading certain types of blogs because of my tendency to put on someone else’s problems and start to see them in my life..and they aren’t even my reality!!

When I read, I will now have to start asking myself:

  • Am I taking something into my spirit that doesn’t belong to me?
  • Am I assigning something to my heart that should not be there?
  • How long will I stick with this book before I realize that its doing more harm than good?
  • If there is something that I need to deal with, do I have someone to talk to that can help me?

Reading ANY literature is thought provoking. What thoughts are being provoked, though?
Captivate those thoughts just as the Bible says (2 Corinthians 10:3-6)!
Human reasoning can get our imagination flowing and can create things that should’ve been squashed at its conception.

We have to be mindful of the thoughts we hang out with. Reading fills our minds with whatever the author has crafted.
What we read could’ve been the most beautiful, godly and Spirit-filled written content that will make a positive impact! And that’s a wonderful thing! Don’t throw out great reads!
I am an avid reader and really enjoy the majority of what I read! Y’all know that because I recommend lots of books.
While that is true, I have to be mindful of the lens that I read a book through.
I must stick to what I know about myself, and tendencies.

Some may think that my stance is a sign of weakness and that I’ve allowed my emotions to be all over the place, but how many times have you heard someone say that a book has changed their lives?
See, those words had power!
Words create.
I want something created in me that glorifies God, that helps me to see any sin in my life and repent, that lead me to know my Savior better, that express gratitude for those around me, that helps me to rightly minister to others.

What are other’s words creating?

Living to Worship Him,

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  • Beautiful thoughts here Kela and I am letting them “create” inspiration for me! Thank you for sharing such a poignant and thought provoking post. God reminds us in His word to guard our minds. Your post here is a reminder of that. Satan will attack the mind because it controls everything we do. May we stay on guard and allow our mind to filter in good things to which we can learn and grow from. Thank you again for reminding us to to be aware of the power of our thoughts. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and blessings to you and yours!

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!
      Our hearts and minds are SO important to guard. Nothing that we take in is without effect; for good or evil.
      Blessings to you and yours!