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The Homeschool Village is asking questions about uniforms in our school. I’ll tackle them one-by-one.

What does getting dressed look like in your home? Getting dressed in our home looks like a V-E-R-Y slow process. I am sometimey about the whole thing. I get dressed (no makeup yet) after my quiet time.

As the children wake, getting dressed isn’t the first thing on their to-do list. Actually, my boys sleep in “street” clothes; you know, basketball shorts and t-shirts. They’re “ready-roll” when they get up.
My girls, on the other hand, prefer to lounge for a few…which leads  to the next question.

Do you wear mismatched socks and neon lounge pants? Mismatched socks? All day long (whenever I can find any that are even similar)! We do not own any neon lounge pants, but my girls like their oversized lounge pants. They don’t wear them for too long after they get up.

What’s the funniest thing your kid wears to school? My kids don’t do “funny” when it comes to dressing. My youngest daughter and son rock tacky though. That doesn’t leave the yard.

We don’t do uniforms in school. We have too much individual style for that. We have only one requirement when it comes to dressing: Modesty. As long as they are in that parameter: 

No rules, just standards!

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Happy Homeschooling!

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  • My oldest son sleeps in his clothes most of the time. That used to gross me out….not so much now. Tacky…yes, my middle girl lovs to dress that way, too!!! Love your creative and relaxed atmosphere! Many Blessings!

  • That is one thing about my boys…I buy pjs, but they like sleeping with shorts and a t-shirt, but sometimes just shorts. I am always cold…so I am like, “You’ll freeze!” and they say, “No we don’t” and so I say, “OK” What ever they are comfortable with, I guess…

    HA HA HA!! And socks??!! I really think I have a sock troll living in my laundry room… Thanks for sharing!!

  • I didn’t know you had a home school blog too! Just joined!

    Have a blessed evening and I DO hope that we can all band together and create a way to destroy the sock monsters for good!

  • Hi~
    I am stopping by the Homeschool Village. I am happy that I found your blog! I am not picky on what they wear just as long as they change from night clothes. We usually do not start school until a couple hours of us waking, so by the time it is time to start school we are ready for the day.

  • Hi~
    I am visting from the Homeschool Village and I am so glad I found your blog.
    We tend to lounge in Pjs for a couple hours of waking and then we get dressed for the day shortly before we start school. It just works well for us. Love the picture!!!
    PS. I tried leaving a comment earlier but it never showed…so sorry if you have two comments from me…lol

  • Love the “rocking tacky” phrase! It describes my little one to a T…

  • Kela, I love that you brought the idea of modesty into the discussion. And oh, yes… my 4yo can come up with some crazy color/print combos too! 🙂 Blessings! Susan from the Homeschool Village

  • Cute post!! Um, yeah, my kids can totally rock the tacky too when they choose. I’m giggling about that!

  • huh, where did my comment go? LOL I was just saying that I’ve got a couple who can totally rock the tacky too. LOL That phrase has me giggling!

  • I think that my comment box is whackin’ out. I have it set up to moderate and approve. Guess I’d better up that message as a default. =)

  • “No rules, just standards!”

    I love that! Modesty rules here too. I have two very individual children with their own sense of style. I let them run with it!

    Thanks for linking up! I enjoyed your post.


  • “No rules, just standards.”

    I love that! I have two individuals who like to express themselves in their dress. Modesty rules here too!