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This month’s link up at  The Homeschool Village is all about this week’s accomplishments. They ask, “Did you teach a child something new? Clean out that homeschool room? Create a new e-book? Stick to a schedule?”

Monday started our first week back. We all know that the first week of homeschool is usually the best put together, right? 

I wasn’t totally put together, and some things on the kids’ schedules were left incomplete. 

My 8 y/o daughter did learn to regroup when subtracting. That calls for a celebration!!

I did go to a homeschool workshop (I posted about it earlier in the week). It was okay. I got to see new faces (everyone was a new face), but I didn’t learn any new names. I felt more condemnation than encouragement. 

Nothing was directed AT me, because they don’t KNOW me, but I still felt the sting. So, I guess that wasn’t an accomplishment, Huh?

I did get encouragement from Mrs. Lee Binz – The HomeScholar personally and that made a huge difference!

So, I press.

I’d like to hear YOUR accomplishments for the week.

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  • BOO BOO – that’s really not nice. Sorry it wasn’t a good homeschool day! Glad you got a little encouragement though. =( You’ll just have to stop by my blog for an extra scoop of encouragement!!

    thanks for linking up today!

  • So sorry about your experience at the homeschool workshop. I’d say it’s an accomplishment that you found a group of homeschoolers that you DON’T want to hang out with!! So sad when homeschoolers won’t accept other homeschoolers. I’ve had that experience because I tend toward being a traditional “school-at-home” type. Seems there are some homeschoolers out there that think that means I’m not really a homeschooler!! It makes me sad mostly, because I know that if I can keep my perspective in check, in the end their attitude really only hurts them!! Anyway…off my soapbox! 🙂

    The important thing is YAY for your 8 y/o regrouper!! 🙂

    Glad you linked up. I’m linked up HERE.


  • BTW…your blog is BEAUTIFUL!! I enjoyed my visit!! 🙂

  • Stef, thanks! You’re absolutely right. I am encouraged when I stop by your blog! =)