They Are Not Impressed!?

While listening to Joyce Meyer’s message about understanding and overcoming depression, she mentioned something that made me have a light bulb moment.
She was in the “interview” portion of her message and was talking about the process that she goes through in writing her books. She says its really hard work and when she finally finishes she announces it to her family. Their response is usually, “Okay. Good.” She wants them to be excited about what she has just accomplished!
lightbulbMy light bulb moment: My family is not impressed with me!! Hard to believe! JK. Kinda.
I could tell my husband about an awesome blog post (in my estimation) that I just wrote or when I’m featured on someone else’s blog or when I finish writing a homeschool review that I either enjoyed or dreaded…..and he could basically care less. His response, “Oh. Ok.” I put a lot of hard work into that! Aren’t you “proud” of me?
So, I’ve come to the conclusion that my family doesn’t have to be impressed with me. This will help me to not be sad or upset. One thing that I REALLY have to be mindful of though is that whatever I write or do, is to be done to glorify God. If I seek the awards and accolades of men, then I get my rewards here on earth; then who remembers it a week from now?
Some verses that spoke to me in this area (further reading):

  • Galatians 1:10
  • Matthew 6:1-7
  • John 12:43

I enjoy using what God has blessed me with in writing. I do feel that it’s beneficial to “the reader”. My family share my same views, ideas and opinions but, My family doesn’t even read any of my posts. I’m cool with that.
There may be other things that I can impress them with..maybe a new dish that I cook for them, or getting in the trenches with them when they’re playing, being creative, struggling, or just needing me to “be”. I’m more than happy to serve my family in ANYWAY even without the expectancy of them being impressed with me.