The Difference Reading Horizons Makes

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Let’s say congratulations to the winner of the Reading Horizons giveaway! 
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Today’s review is about winning the “I can’t read well” struggle using Reading Horizons.  

Reading Horizons - The Foundation for Reading English

Do you have a learning or struggling reader? I do.

Through partnering with Reading Horizons and iHomeschool Network, I can get my daughter on the right track with her reading.

Properly teaching my daughter to read well, I feel that I’d fallen short.

Homeschool “Mommy guilt” creeps in.

Others telling me that I’m not doing enough makes me lose all confidence, and comparison has me shrinking into a corner.

My child is intelligent!

My child needs more.

There have been a few programs that I’ve used that didn’t “do it” for us. Either I would throw my hands up in frustration because of prep work, or my daughter would get agitated because she felt pressured in the drills.

I think that I said to her, “Please don’t slouch.”, or “Stop having a fit.” more than we got actual reading done.
When I started Reading Horizons with her, I thought, “Awesome! Hands off! I get a break!” because it is a software program.

Not so!!

It turned into something beneficial for the both of us!

Reading Horizons at Home - Awarded

How does your child learn best? What is his/her learning style; Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic?
Reading Horizons taps in to those three learning styles by implementing the Orton-Gillingham approach.

“The Orton-Gillingham approach is language-based, multisensory, structured, sequential, cumulative, cognitive, and flexible. Its breadth, perspective, and flexibility prompt use of the term approach instead of method.”

Using the worksheets that go along with the online program, my daughter is getting a well-rounded learning experience. Point and click helps in introducing and honing in on skills, but adding writing as part of the exercise helps in solidifying them.

Reading Horizons can either be used in a DVD or Online version. We’re using the new Reading Horizons v5 Reading Software.

Components of the Online Reading Curriculum:

  • Lessons
    • Lessons are a span of 6 chapters with sub-lessons that focus on different reading skills.
  • Vocabulary
    • There are vocabulary words for most of the lessons in which the student sees the word, hears the word, and is given the definition and context sentences.
  • Library
    • Reading privileges are given once a student completes a chapter and earns enough points. Assessments and reading level is determined along the way.

Reading Horizons: Read Books Not Shirts

Once I set my daughter’s account with specified settings and levels, the dashboard and lessons were really easy to navigate. She was able to begin logging in by herself.

The interaction that my daughter got with going through the lessons were fantastic. The instructions were clear and precise.

admin student launch screen shot
lesson manager screen shotdashboard screen shot

Reading Horizons is so much more than just guided lessons.

Support  with Reading Horizons includes:

I get to utilize their e-newsletter that offers weekly webinars that encourage and enforces what my daughter is learning. The webinars help me to better know how to strengthen her reading comprehension.

There is also a community Reading Corner Blog that is appealing to the eye and has practical articles.
There are more community features; a forum, games, vocabulary builders, printable worksheets and more.

Take a few peeks! Reading Horizons invites you to explore their Free Learning Resources.
Ready for a little more? Take advantage of the 7 Day Free Trial of their Reading Horizons v5 for ages 10-Adult!

Reading Horizons is very involved in social media and are quick to interact with educators and parents. They like being asked questions, receiving input and seeing their program “in action”; to know that they’re benefitting the user.

Reading Horizons Worksheet

Connect easily with them through:
Twitter: (@readinghorizons)

Reading Horizons has many purchasing offers to meet your family’s specific need. Visit the store to start your Reading Horizons journey!

Now for more fun!

August 30th, iHomeschool Network is hosting a #ReadBooks Twitter Party sponsored by Reading Horizons!  Catch all of the details by going to iHomeschool Network’s Twitter Party page.
Mark your calendars because the planned conversation and prizes are fantastic!

Here’s an idea!

When you leave your comment below as your entry to WIN a 180-day subscription to Reading Horizons Program for ages 10-adult (a $179 value), leave me not only your email address; which I absolutely NEED in order to contact you if you win, hook me up with your Twitter handle so that I can connect with you during the party.You’ll also have a chance to enter to win again!

To enter my giveaway, leave a comment below telling me how you feel the Reading Horizons program may benefit your child.

Remember! Along with that comment, I’ll need you to leave your email address.

The giveaway ends August 27.

I will use to pick the winner! The winner’s email will be given to Reading Horizons for prize fulfillment.

Happy Winning!

I’m not the only home educator that was able to use Reading Horizons! I encourage you to read each iHomeschool Network’s reviewer’s post, as all of ours will be different.

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Living With Sword and Coffee,

Legal Disclosure: I received the use of Reading Horizons free of charge. I was compensated for the time that my child and I invested in using the software and writing this review. I fully plan to share any earnings with my daughter by treating her to a frozen yogurt and letting her choose as many toppings as she wants! All opinions are honest and I was not required to post a positive review. If I didn’t like it or had issues with it, you know I’d tell you! You know me!

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