How to Renew Your Mind In Truth

*this post contains affiliate links The mindset of offense visits and re-visits me. Thankfully, not as often as it used to, but there are still … Read More ›

Satisfied With Whatever Is Available

  “Contentment is being satisfied — satisfied not because something is in sufficient supply, but satisfied with whatever is available.” – Cynthia Heald, Becoming a … Read More ›

A Wife’s Marriage and Her Happiness

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Receiving Wisdom to Improve

  Improvement should be desirable. What usually isn’t desirable is someone else telling us where we need to improve. I know! I’ve been there! But, … Read More ›

The Emotion of Faith

    I know that we don’t (or shouldn’t) live on emotions and feelings. Those things change way too often to be reliable. But we … Read More ›