Sweet 16!!

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Today she turned 16; our daughter Aubrey Celeste.
She is growing into the young woman that God has ordained her to be. It’s amazing to watch her learn about God and His goodness.
Thank You Lord for the gift of our daughter. The oldest with so much responsibility; the example setter. Lord help me to know how to help her grow in Your way. Guide her daily and bless her abundantly. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen!! 

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I’m Kela! I am a Daddy’s (Abba Father) girl, wife, mom, and grandma. I’m also an educator, writer, singer, Bible study leader, and mentor.
I’m a Southern girl that drinks coffee even in the heat of Summer.
My passion is encouraging others in their faith.

  • Jennifer Sikora

    What a knockout! She is stunning Kela! You and Brian must be SO proud. Tell your man we are mailing him a baseball bat. You guys are going to need it!LOL

    Happy Birthday Aubrey!!!

  • Barbie Swihart

    Your daugther is beautiful!  May she always walk in the joy and favor of the Lord!

  • Lelia Chealey

    Wow, she is beautiful! My 8 year old daughter was standing over my shoulder when her picture came up and said, “She is really pretty Mom, what do you think?” 🙂  

  • Kela

    Thank you Lelia (sounds like Kela!) We think she’s beautiful too 🙂 (inside and out)

  • Kela

    That’s our prayer every day Barbie. Thank you!!

  • Kela

    Daddy is using the Sword! Brian started taking the girls out on dates when they turned 12 years old (Sydney has about 3 years yet before its her turn) to show them how a REAL man is to treat his daughter and that they should never settle for less than the best…no matter how good a game he talks. It’s all smack til the proof is seen!

    Tonight he took her to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner; which I’ve never been… 😉

  • Lelia Chealey

    Hello again! I tried finding that post you talked about, but I have to leave for work. Would you mind emailing it to me at chealey5@yahoo.com THANKS! 🙂  Goodnight. 

  • Tabitha

    I love your new template 😀 ……….Happy Birthday Aubrey :* :*

  • jackie

    she’s beautiful

  • Sandra King

    She is absolutely beautiful! I have 2 sons her age 19 & 16. Hmmmm…..Lol!

  • Kela

    Thank you Lady!

  • Kela

    Thank you 🙂

  • Kela

    I hear ya! 😉

  • Judy

    How absolutely LOVELY!
    Happy Birthday Aubrey!