Pouring Out


Life-giving words spoken over me


Biblical truths
Hunger for God’s truth





Songs of praise

Those words describe what women have poured into my life.


I have been challenged lately.

Keeping all that I’ve learned tucked on the inside is no longer an option. I have to… I get to pour myself out.

Its as if others are reaching deep down to make me pull out what is inside me; like they’re saying, “Come on girl, I know you have something to share with me. Don’t hold back.”

Moments like that make me grateful AND apprehensive. Lord! I don’t know how I’m living this life sometimes much less helping someone in theirs!

Me? A woman of very few words (spoken aloud, that is)?

That doesn’t matter to God. He didn’t call this girl to be comfortable royalty.
There is a reason that I’m asked question after question…because the answers ARE inside me.

Me? A mentor? Mentoring someone other than my own daughters?

I don’t go seeking. I’m found.

On the job “training” and victory is all that I can offer.
No plaques or certificates hang on my wall that say I’m qualified to help someone, but plenty lessons learned hang on my heart.

When I’ve prayed, “Lord, use me today.” I didn’t know that His answer to my prayer would be to minister to another woman’s heart. I was thinking that maybe I could just smile at a neighbor, buy someone a soda, or write something cool on my facebook wall.

I never pretend to know all the answers! The Bible is my first line of defense. My pat response is, “Let’s see what the Word has to say about this.”

I’ve been blessed to know where to find and share resources; whether its other women, books, audio, websites or any other media. As others want to learn from me, I MUST be continually learning. I don’t want my past experiences to be the only thing that I can pull from.

The daily exchange of my flesh put to death for the Holy Spirit reigning in my being is the thing pursued.

How are you pouring out? Do you share what God has done, is doing in your life? Do you feel that you have to have it all together before you can offer anything? Are you focused on having a platform as opposed to being one-on-one,  behind the scenes?

Answer those questions for yourself. See if you’re missing out on an opportunity to pour.

Living With Sword and Coffee,

Photo Credit: Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net