Paint Only Covers So Much

pursuing-what-is-excellent-paint-only-covers-so-muchMy husband is a painter by trade.
He was the best person to ask about the subject of today’s prompt: PAINT.

I asked him what comes to mind when he hears the word “paint”.
First he replied, “color”, but then came a phrase that he and his old partner used to say,
“Paint covers a multitude of sins.”

I can easily see it!
They often have to go behind homeowners (or the homeowner’s children) and cover a mistake or botched job.

When my husband and his crew are done, you’d NEVER know that there were mistakes and flaws underneath.
It was completely covered!

That is TOTALLY how the blood of Jesus is for every believer, it covered our sin; our mistakes and flaws!!
We have an eternal guarantee that we can be forgiven of our sins by His redemption and grace.

Jesus not only painted over our sins, but He completely obliterated them!
You’d never know that it was there!

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Living to Worship Him,