Noise Destroys

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Have you ever heard that phrase?
Noise Destroys.

What is noise and what does it destroy?
Noise is ANY distraction; negative, positive and neutral.
Noise destroys and intercepts your dreams, visions and goals.

I’ve allowed noise to affect my creativity.

Noise for me, at this moment, looks like this: Looking to see who’s doing what. Trying to stay “in the know”.

That’s not negative nor is it positive noise. It’s neutral. It’s not detrimental, but if I allow it to continue, my mo jo will be no mo.

How do I plan to eliminate the noise?
Push away from the distractions. Seek God. Get a plan. Work the plan. Be diligent and steadfast.

Are there any “Noise Destroys” distractions in your life that needs to be put in check? 

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  • My noise was counting how many people looked at my blog. Not paying attention to that now and getting back to blogging the way I like!

    I *pray* we get to meet at the 2:1 conference. I want to go SO bad!

  • I know right!! You have been my online bestie for a long time now and its past time to meet!!

  • Mo jo will be no it!

    I do have distractions that keep from from the things I need to be doing around the house, for my health and for my spiritual well being. These noises are: social media, emails, and that kind of thing. I am asking God to help me be more disciplined and manage my time better.

  • The whole purpose of my blog is to help people (myself included) get the busy/clutter/noise out of their lives. For me, the noise changes from season to season. It’s either keeping up with blogging, or kids activities, or church stuff or stressing about housework… it just depends. The key is to realize the source and find ways to manage it.