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Listen, Love, Repeat by Karen Ehman challenges us to listen for “heart drops” when it comes to our desire to bless others around us.

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Listen, Love, Repeat gives practical, creative ways to scatter kindness, including loving our family and friends, reaching out to the lonely, blessing the “necessary people” who help us get life done every day, and loving the hard-to-love.”
-Karen Ehman, Listen, Love, Repeat

Oh, my, don’t we all need a dose of that kind of practicality?!

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When Karen started her book with the “heart drop” story, my heart was overjoyed!
THAT is the kind of person that I want to be. That requires leaning in to listen closely.

“Hearing a heart drop is an art we must lovingly cultivate.”

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**I want to share a sweet tool with you to encourage you to listen out for those heart drops!
Karen offers
5 days of listening between the lines that comes right to your email!

Jesus wasn’t about doing big things. He was about doing the right thing. And often for Him, the right thing was noticing one simple soul.

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Chapters that are included in Listen, Love, Repeat are:

  1. Living Alert
  2. Find Your Way
  3. It’s About Time
  4. Who Makes Your Day
  5. The Sick At Heart
  6. Chipped Crock-Pots and Stained-Carpets
  7. The Lonely and Unloved
  8. The Cranky and Cantankerous
  9. Nearest and Dearest
  10. Scatter Kindness

Each chapter has gripped me in a way of giving of myself in a totally new light.
It’s not just about loving, but loving well!

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I love that Karen shares real life stories instead of just giving rules on how to love others well.
She and others have lived this out and know the value of passing on the love-giving knowledge.
Each chapter ends with prayer and applications on how to follow through on what we just read. I love it!!

Karen further helps us with all of the wonderful bonus features!
Scripture focusing on making a difference in the world, quotes, recipes for reaching out, and gift tags!

As if the Listen, Love, Repeat book doesn’t pack enough to get us up and running in our “love walk”, she’s also packaged together a six-session Bible Study w/ DVD to be a great compliment to the book in order to lead a small group study!

I encourage you to order a copy of Listen, Love, Repeat today!

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Living to Worship Him,

*I was provided a copy of Listen, Love, Repeat by Karen Ehman free of charge, from BlogAbout in exchange for an honest review. No money has been paid for this review

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    Back in the spring, I was the recipient of a heart drop (or several) when a sweet lady from my church recognized my overwhelmed spirit and took me out for coffee and a chat. She asked good questions, listened well, and offered sound counsel. It has made a huge difference.

  • Thank you for the heads up on that!! I must’ve hit that action a few too many times and not noticed.
    So glad that you entered to win the Listen, Love, Repeat giveaway!

  • Kay Cee

    My husband offers heart drops to me all the time…he is very understanding of me and my crazy moments and brings me back to God and is the most understanding person I’ve ever known. He prays for me and tries as hard as possible to meet any need I have especially during those moments. He’s a great picture of who Jesus is to me and I try to scatter kindness and selflessness like he does.
    -Kay Cee

    • He’s such a blessing K!! You honor him so well! I wish that he could see you “praising him at the gates”!!

  • Tonya Tucker

    Heart drops-leaning in to listen closely
    Being a very close listener, A lesson I learned, If you only listen to tell your side of the story ,you are only listening with the head and not with the heart. It takes a heart and mind set to stay a good listener, like the time I want to help someone, I only heard what I was listening for from this one person who I just knew what I thought they needed from me and God’s word. But I hard fall to face, I missed it all the way around.
    so, Often we think we are helping by doing, and it only requires us to sit and listen and it often will fix itself.
    I need this book, Listen, Love Repeat.

    • Oh wow! Thank you so much for sharing that! And you are so right! We can get eager to help and still miss it!

  • My mama visited last week and she sat with the boys at Kroger Starbucks while I got groceries. When I walked over to collect everyone, she had helped the boys pick out flowers for me and my oldest told me I was the best mom ever. I needed that so much. I’m so thankful for my mama and how she has always taken care of me.

    • Oh Lara! Your mama is a special woman! She recognized the need..heard your “heart drop”; and probably without you even uttering a word! Thank you for sharing!!

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      Thanks, and again, my apologies.