It’s Our Anniversary!!

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It wont be official until tomorrow, but since today is Marriage Monday at Come Have a Peace, I figured I’d make the announcement today.

Brian and I will celebrate 16 years of marriage tomorrow, July 6!!
From the moment we met in high school over 18 years ago I knew that we would be together (despite some circumstances). Starting out as friends let me see his true heart; that he would have my back when the pressure was on. 

He risked a lot to be my friend and even more to become my Man.

All of that is behind us now and our years have been prosperous and promising. 

Without God anointing and appointing mentors (personally and through great books), our marriage would have been good, but we wouldn’t have gathered the tools for it to be great. God bless those men and women that have spoken life into us individually and as a couple.

Dear Lord, thank You for blessing our union and for helping us to have insight and knowledge of the covenant that Brian and I have cut by becoming one flesh. 

Help me to always be the woman of my man’s dreams and for him to continue to be the warrior, lover and protector that You designed him to be.

May I be a woman with the fiercest passion for my marriage and to be an encouragement to others. 

There is power in being a praying wife. I never want to neglect that honor of being my man’s number 1 cheerleader. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN!

Until next time…Be Abundantly Blessed!

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I’m Kela! I am a Daddy’s (Abba Father) girl, wife, mom, and grandma. I’m also an educator, writer, singer, Bible study leader, and mentor.
I’m a Southern girl that drinks coffee even in the heat of Summer.
My passion is encouraging others in their faith.

  • Congratulations! I really enjoyed reading how much you love your husband then and now. God bless.

  • Shawntele

    Amen!!! Congratulations Kela!! I am having a ‘dejavu’ moment right now, thinking that my 16th anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks…like I posted this for you already – but last year!! lol

  • I’m feeling that too now. LOL 😉

  • Say What

    I love this and I love your heart for your man. Congratulations on your anniversary. I pray that you have a wonderful day in the Lord.


  • Happy Anniversary! You and your husband sound like an amazing couple and no doubt God meant for you to be together. I love your heart for your husband and your marriage covenant.

  • Thank you! God is faithful! I still have a huge crush on my husband 🙂

  • Thank you much! I’m sure we’ll have a fantastic day!

  • Julie_Sanders

    Kela, I love what you share about God “appointing and anointing” mentors. That’s been so true for us, too. God’s continued blessing on you and Brian as you celebrate your covenant tomorrow. I hope and pray that this year you will enjoy new and fresh joys in your relationship together and that you will give God praise for all He does in the two of you. Thanks for adding this testimony to Marriage Mondays. Enjoy your man!!

    Blessings to you as you cultivate your “garden,”
    Marriage Mondays

  • Julie, thank you so much for your blessing. That is my prayer too. New and fresh joys! I love it!

  • Congratulations! This is awesome! I love your blog, and look forward to reading more.

  • Thank you! Glad you like my place 🙂

  • Michelle_S

    Kela, I just love the how you describe your marriage. I long for that in mine. You are an inspiration. Happy Anniversary to you and your Hubby. You both deserve to be spoiled.

  • Michelle, you’re a blessing. We’ve come a mighty long way, my friend!

  • Jennifer Sikora

    OMG! We are WAY too much alike! My hubby and I have been together for 18 years and married for 16. This Dec will be 17 years of marriage! Isn’t love amazing?

  • You know! We’re alike in many ways!!

  • Teresa your blog…we just celebrated number 38…..


  • Congratulations, Kela! What a great testimony! May you have many, many more wonderful years together!

  • Hey Kela! Thanks for the sweet comment on our blog! Always nice to meet another Chick-fil-a lover! 🙂 Love your blog!! Hope that ya’ll had a great anniversary!!

  • Happy anniversary! (A few days late.) We celebrated 9 years on the July 7!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment yesterday. It’s nice to meet you!


  • Jenfergie2000

    Congratulation! May you have SO many more years ahead of you of peace, love, and happiness!

  • Kela
    Thanks for stopping by today. It’s nice to “meet” you. Congratulations! May the Lord continue to bless you and your darling.

  • Am I late? Sorry I missed it! Anyway, belated Happy Anniversary! How was it? Can you share what’s happened about that day? or just share something about that day.

  • BethinNC

    Happy Belated Anniversary! Praise God for a wonderful marriage!

    I just snagged your button and I am your newest follower. I hope you’ll come over to see me too.

    Bless you today!

  • Lisashawcares

    So sorry I missed the opportunity to wish you a Happy Anniversary but it’s never too late. I pray a blessed Anniversary for you and your husband and YEARS more of God’s Hand upon your marriage. May you both love each other with a love that is deep rooted in Christ.

    Love ya!

  • Thank you for our anniversary blessing Lisa! It means so much

  • Thank you my friend!!

  • Oh happy day! Happy Anni guys!

  • May God continue to bless you with joy, steadfast faith, loyalty, love, honor, and friendship.

  • Congratulation for reaching many many many more to celebrate.