At My Savior’s Feet {A New Hello Mornings Bible Study}


I’m leading another Hello Mornings Bible study session!


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Study with us! The group session starts May 15th.

At My Savior’s Feet is a six-week Bible study that invites you to listen intently to Jesus, the Master Storyteller, as He instructs your heart and mind through His life-changing parables.


Our HelloMornings Bible study format is specifically designed to help you dive deep into Scripture whether you have five minutes or fifty.


Step One: Sign up for Hello Mornings.
Step Two:
Visit Hello Mornings for At My Savior’s Feet purchasing options or to download the basic study guide free of charge.
Step Three:
If you’d like to study along with a group of women that are also looking for conversation and accountability, I’m leading a Facebook Group (A.M. DIG) for this session. You’re welcome to sign up via THIS LINK




Get a FREE sample of At My Savior’s Feet Bible study here:


Don’t forget to mark your calendar for May 15 and I hope to see you in my session!

Living to Worship Him,