How Dare I Be So Bold

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pursuing what is excellent how dare I be so boldThis will probably be one of the shortest blog posts that you’ll ever read!

One thought hit me Sunday morning while worshiping God…and I’ll just let it sit right here to ponder even more:


I’m not talking about the legalism or preferences of when to have a quiet time.

I’m talking about, after all that HE has done and does,
after all the times HE sustains me,
after all the times that HE provides,
after all the times that HE’s shown HIS compassion,
after all the times HE’S extended grace,

after all the times HE’S protected me!?

A shout of praise should be the first thing coming from my being every.single.morning!

How dare I be so bold as to not give God the very first part of my day?
Even more than that, EVERY MOMENT?


Living to worship Him,

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  • Oh WOW YES!!!!! Girl this is powerful, impacting, convicting {through the Spirit}, and motivating to action! Thank you!

  • Kela, you are oh so right! God has done so much for me, how dare I not praise Him with everything I have and all He has given me. God has been dealing with me about my quiet time lately, but this is so much more then that. Thank you for the reminder. Stopping by–and sharing–from Cheerleaders 4 Christ on FB!

    • Amen to that!!! Thank you for hooking me up!!

  • Gayl Wright

    It may be a short post, but it speaks volumes. And you’re right, it’s not because of legalism or something equally burdening. It’s because He has done so much for us that we need to praise and acknowledge it every morning. Every day He gives us new mercies and blessings. May we be ready to thank Him.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment!! 🙂 YES! May we be ready!!

  • Yes! His love compels us, doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing so pointedly and powerfully, and for linking up with us at Grace & Truth.

    • Yes! His love sure does!!
      Thank you so much for that!!! Blessings!!

  • My chin dropped when I read this – AMAZING! Short,sweet and thought provoking, Kela.

    • Aww! Thank you so so much for that, Lori! I’m blessed that your stopped by!! Blessings!!