Gaining From the Wisdom of Others

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The themes are blinking loudly all around me: priorities, husband, children, growing closer to my Father. I know that with the new year, new things and ideas are accompanied by hopes, dreams and desires.
All of those things are admirable and sometimes necessary for some to stay on track.
These blogs are some of the very many that have spoken to me within the past few days. I’ll probably forget a couple (or a few) but I pray to have a good representation of them here anyway.
Enjoy what I enjoyed:
Kingdom Notes (A Wise Woman Builds Her Home)
One Hundred Percent! (Benmakesten)
Communication Breakdown (For Such a Time as This)
Leaving our Husbands in the Dust (Granola Bar Devotional)
2010…Spells Desire (Ordinary Inspirations 4 the Everyday Wife, Mom, Homemaker)
Be blessed!


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