Date Your Mate


It has become a habit; a priority in our marriage.

My husband takes me out on dates at least once a week.
Sometimes its us riding as a duo, and other times it double dates with couples that we adore!

It can be as simple as enjoying just a meal, or doing dinner and a movie.
Lots of times it includes a trip to Lowe’s, Target, or the grocery store.
We also enjoy activities like miniature golf or bowling.
We live in a new city and I’m longing to explore the sites!

There were several years that we couldn’t afford to go OUT on a date, so my husband would make every effort to get the kids to bed early and we’d enjoy a rented movie and microwave popcorn.
Even that small amount of connectivity was worth what seemed lame.
I would take those days ANY day of the week.
I just want to be close to my beloved.

We even had a season that we graduated from at home movies and popcorn and shared a meal at the local restaurant! Thank goodness for those chips and salsa, eh?!!

It was about being intentional. To model that love for our children. For them to know that momma and daddy put top stock into our relationship.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant.
No matter what you do, ignite the excitement in your marriage.
Always be on pursuit. Win them daily!

I’d really like to continue the conversation of dating your mate on my Facebook PAGE and GROUP (please ask to join).
Perhaps we can share some tips on how to make dating in marriage a priority!


Living to Worship Him,