Celebrating My Husband!

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I usually have a lot to say about marriage. Today, since my husband is taking a day of rest…much needed and deserved, I’m spending it loving on him.

I would like to post a few pics of the man that won my heart over 18 years ago!…
100_0526 100_3124
Brian and Kela at Braves Game100_0591
I love my man!!
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Until next time…Be abundantly blessed!

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I’m Kela! I am a Daddy’s (Abba Father) girl, wife, mom, and grandma. I’m also an educator, writer, singer, Bible study leader, and mentor.
I’m a Southern girl that drinks coffee even in the heat of Summer.
My passion is encouraging others in their faith.

  • Sandra King

    I’m so blessed to have women who share the same admiration for their husbands like I do. You’re posts are so refreshing 🙂

  • julie@comehaveapeace

    Kela, it sounds like time well spent.  🙂   I hope you had a great time together, and I love seeing the pics of you and your honey of 15+ years!  We need these great testimonies of marriage on Marriage Mondays!  Thanks for sharing it.


  • Kela

    😉 and you know…Praise the Lord that it’s not hard to do!

  • Kela

    It was a really great time!

  • Cheryl

    Kela, I love a woman who has a passion for her marriage.  Thank you for sharing.  I’ve enjoyed reading your post.  I married my husband just a little over 20 years ago, but I’ve been IN LOVE with him for about 10 years.  I hope that makes sense.  I thank God for him every day, and I especially thank God for getting us through a rough time and making us see each other in a wonderful new way.


  • Kela

    Cheryl, that makes perfect sense! I know exactly what you mean.
    The first few years were rough, but God did a mighty work in both of our lives.

    Once we realized that the only person we could change is ourselves, it saved us from more frustration and heartache. So, we went to work and the results are daily becoming great.

    With our God, great mentorship, books and seminars, our marriage is wonderful!