With Us

There is power in the word “WITH”.
It’s knowing that you’re not alone. 

White Knuckle Faith

I was desperate for peace, comfort, and security from God. I had learned about standing in faith many years ago, and I even employed faith … Read More ›

Living a Surrendered Life

It’s a wild ride when you seek and ask God about something specific and what He reveals is so much more involved than anything you … Read More ›

How to Renew Your Mind In Truth

*this post contains affiliate links The mindset of offense visits and re-visits me. Thankfully, not as often as it used to, but there are still … Read More ›

Surrender Doesn’t Have to Look Like Giving Up

  The word “surrender” screams loudly with the language of “giving up”. The more I wrestle with the anticipation of losing something in surrender, the … Read More ›