It’s ONLY Milk

My youngest son dropped a gallon of milk in the driveway while helping to unload the truck. It was the $7/gallon kind. When he came … Read More ›

Taking His Name

*This post contains affiliate links Why did you marry your husband? Your first thought was probably because of LOVE. Once the relationships starts to get … Read More ›

Receiving Wisdom to Improve

  Improvement should be desirable. What usually isn’t desirable is someone else telling us where we need to improve. I know! I’ve been there! But, … Read More ›

I’m In My Place

I’ve been over here for the past year or so asking God, “Where’s my place? What’s my calling?” As He opened more and more doors … Read More ›

It Shows On Your Face

  Being a part of my church’s worship team gives me a different vantage point of worship and leading worship. One of our worship leaders … Read More ›