Ephesians 5 Guy

“Your husband is the Ephesians 5 guy.” – Jen Weaver, A Wife’s Secret to Happiness   Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved … Read More ›

Priority Over Habit

Priority Over Habit : A Way to Love Your Spouse

Priority Over Habit I recently used the hashtag “priority over habit” on Instagram while my husband and I were getting dressed for our weekly date … Read More ›

The Emotion of Faith

    I know that we don’t (or shouldn’t) live on emotions and feelings. Those things change way too often to be reliable. But we … Read More ›

Flight Plans

  Blessings upon blessings. How many have I been missing out on because I wasn’t being led by the Holy Spirit? As my husband and … Read More ›

Moms of Young Children, I Prayed for You. But There’s More!

I recently posted on my personal Facebook page that I was praying for moms with young children, because I remember how hard those times were. … Read More ›