Reduced to Schedules

3 words hit my brain as my former Worship Pastor, Scott talked about rekindling the things that once made us passionate about the things of … Read More ›

Take Back Your Time

I found more freedom in knowing that my days can be somewhat predictable and most productive when I work within MY rhythm.

Things We’ve Learned Over Twenty-Five Years

We hit the 25 year mark of marriage, y’all! Oh boy have we learned a lot and my gracious how we’ve continued to fall deeper … Read More ›

Why Honor Is Important

What does honor look like? Each of us may be doing some things really well. Some things we may fail in miserably.I share some ways I think will qualify in the way we honor, and serve, our parents at MomLifeToday .

Get the Recipes : Learning to Hear From God

I text my mom a couple days ago asking for her Pound Cake recipe. She promptly shared it with me. Moments later she called me. … Read More ›