Caffeinated Randomness: This, That, and the Other


I‘ve had a “bullet point” kind of week. Total randomness. Let’s see:
  • I’m coming to realize that I’m Font crazy. You may have noticed in my posts. I’m trying to make sure that it’s not too outrageous to make it difficult to read.
  • I’m considering going back to Blogger’s default comment box. I like Echo and all, but I don’t like not being able to click on my friend’s names to take me to their blogs. Before I do that though, I need to make ABSOLUTELY sure that I don’t lose any of the comments that are already there. That would be devastating.
  • My BFF is going away on a retreat this weekend; just her and a good friend. I must say that I yearn for that myself. It’ll come…. *sigh*.
  • I found an Online Apologia Biology course for my oldest daughter this week…ITS FREE!!!!! I have the textbook on order. It was truly an answered prayer! Most of these online courses are about $150 +/- and that doesn’t include textbooks and test material. God is so good!!!
  • I wanna learn how to effectively clip and USE coupons. Who wants to be my teacher?…

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I’m Kela! I am a Daddy’s (Abba Father) girl, wife, mom, and grandma. I’m also an educator, writer, singer, Bible study leader, and mentor.
I’m a Southern girl that drinks coffee even in the heat of Summer.
My passion is encouraging others in their faith.

  • Annika

    do share about the online Apologia course!! I love bullet points 🙂 And a retreat sounds heavenly.

  • Kela

    Oops…didn’t think about the link for the course. I went back and added it in the post.
    Thank you, Annika for asking about it. 🙂

  • WELL….I did get rid of that other comment system. Fortunately, all of my comments were saved. Unfortunately, none of the names are “clickable”.
    I guess/hope from here on out they will be.

  • Hi there, Kela! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and signing up to follow!! I love your fonts, they’re so pretty!

    If you learn about coupons, let me know 🙂

    Hope you have a super weekend,

  • You’re asking the wrong gal about coupons! I can clip them, but I always forget to use them!

  • A retreat sound lovely! 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!

  • I WISH I were the one going on the retreat. My friend is going with one of her other friends.

  • The trick to coupons is getting an coupon organizer and then pulling them out when you do your shopping list. If you don’t do this, you will never use them. I’ve become a coupon shopper. Sometimes it’s worth using them, sometimes not. Know your prices to begin with.

  • Well, I enjoyed reading about your week of randomness sis. Praise God on the blessing of the free course and as for retreat…come on this way in Oct and retreat with us!

    Have a wonderful weekend and bless you and your family!

    Love ya.

  • Clipping coupons is so…serious. Those ladies mean business about that with their systems and boxes, yikes. I would not be your girl for that, but I am with you on the retreat. It sounds much more relaxing than being a coupon girl.

    That internet opportunity is awesome. God is good.


  • I am so loving all this caffeinated randomness!!!

  • love the link about the online school! thanks!

  • I am font crazy too!! I have to be careful because sometimes I go overboard.

    What a neat thing about the online course! I hope she likes it.

    Have a wonderful weekend Kela!

  • Oh I am so horrible about coupons. I would not be a good teacher… If you come across any good tips though please share! I am certainly open to learning!

    I love fonts, too. Do you recognize fonts when you see print around in your daily life? I do and I think I might be a total nerd.

    I’m a Hearts at Home blogger, too! Do you ever go to their conference in March? I have gone twice now and it is so wonderful.

    Hope you are having a great weekend, Kela!

  • I *love* fonts… love them!! 🙂 Great news finding that free online class… yeah!!