Caffeinated Randomness: Just So

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I can do random. I’ve done random for a little while now.

Our family has had some cool things happening that I just haven’t told many folks about.

Think I’ll just do some of my bullet points right now.

  • Why aren’t bullet points called pen points? When I think bullet, I don’t think point. I think HOLE.
  • Some may know, some may not know that I’m now on Twitter. You can click on that Twitter button to the right over there to follow me.
  • Our family is in the process of Partnering with a new Church. North Rock Hill Church. Membership is not accepted. Why? Membership is so one-sided. When one becomes a partner, each one has their PART to play. Makes sense to me to not want a body of complacent and apathetic Christians filling a pew and whining about things not being done and not wanting to do anything about it. Right?! We are finding our serve!
  • God is blessing me with more writing opportunities.
  • I’m making more friendship connections.
  • I’m finding ways to afford to go to the 2:1 Conference that I’ve been raving about and praying for all the other ladies that are involved (and that want to go) will have all their financial needs met to make it a comfortable journey.
  • Our homeschool is being re-defined (almost every week). Pruning away things that aren’t absolutely necessary and accentuating the things that are most important, useful and eternal.
  • We’re remembering more often these  days that God is our source and we shouldn’t limit God to who or what WE think that He should be blessing us through. Can I get an AMEN?
  • It seems that I’m leaving something out… Maybe not…

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  • I’m actually jumping in my chair I’m so excited to see you this week. I love the idea of partnership rather than membership. I have a leadership meeting tonight. I’m going to mention this idea. Don’t know if it will fly. But I think it’s something to look at.

  • Jen

    so excited to see you back! It’s been awhile. So glad things are good for you and your family!

  • Kela, love your thoughts! I didn’t realize you were a homeschooler – sorry to have missed that detail! Enjoyed your comments about partnering with your church!

    Glad you are going to 2:1 – wish I could but too many conferences already this year. Hopefully in the future but I know you will LOVE it!

    Blessings to you!

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  • I love that idea, too. Membership just seems so exclusive, and I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of over exclusivity in church!

  • I love that point you made about membership- so true! That’s great your husband has been able to get involved, and I pray that you find your place soon, too. Sometimes those logistical challenges can be a pain. It sounds like a great church.

    I am so excited that you get to go to that conference! It sounds wonderful. Will you drive or fly to it?

    Loved your post today, so glad you linked up.

    Hope you and your beautiful family are having a blessed weekend!


  • It is funny how the random just gives and gives, eh? Thanks so much for your sweetness to me at my blog! So nice to meet you! Hope your weekend is great!!