Caffeinated Randomness: Blogging W/O Obligation

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Any of you that join me here on Friday’s for Caffeinated Randomness…Welcome again!
Our original hostess, Andrea @ Under Grace and Over Coffee is making some great changes in her life. She has graciously passed our Caffeinated Randomness on to a woman that is so precious and very witty; Michelle @ Lost In the Prairies…Found by God.

Today I announce that I am Blogging Without Obligation!
I just hadn’t been “feelin’ it” lately and I don’t want my next post to be….”Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while”.
Even though I do see my blog as a type of ministry, it’s not the boss of me.

Every word that I write truly is from my heart and I’m so blessed to have anyone read what I have to say and to have dear hearts comment on my posts.

So, while I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be blogging without obligation!

Until next time…Be Abundantly Blessed!!!!!


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I’m Kela! I am a Daddy’s (Abba Father) girl, wife, mom, and grandma. I’m also an educator, writer, singer, Bible study leader, and mentor.
I’m a Southern girl that drinks coffee even in the heat of Summer.
My passion is encouraging others in their faith.

  • YUP…that’s how blogging should be! GOD FIRST….above all….GOD FIRST!! Love and smiles to ya!

  • I think this is how blogging should be (although I admit I feel obligated sometimes to write something!). What counts is that you are following God and pleasing Him first!

  • Jen

    Priorities can be so hard to figure out sometimes. Or maybe not hard to figure out, but to put in the right place. Yay for you for doing that.

  • That’s the best kind of blogging. We shouldn’t place obligations on ourselves. Just blog as you feel led by the Holy Spirit.

  • Preach it Girl! This is how I’ve pretty much dealt with my blog. I admit that I have apologized for not being around sometimes, but that’s definitely a Canadian thing. We always apologize for anything, but that’s another story.

  • Go for it Kela – you rock just the way you are!! :O)

  • Hey Kela! Just stopping by to say hi! I like your new blog design. Hope you’re having a great week!