God has gathered a most magnificent bouquet for me.
He knows specifically what I like, what I respond the best to, and what I desperately need.

He chooses to present it to me in our secret place.
When I’m most honest, when I’m most dependent, when I’m most prayerful, when I’m most broken.

He sometimes meets me at the door with an aroma like none other.
He showers my surroundings with His fragrance.

He asks me to open my hands to receive this blessing.
He steps back to see the expression on my face.
I must have brought Him delight, because His smile was beaming brightly.
You see…
I’m His bride and He doesn’t hold back any good thing.
His love is lavish. His care for me deep.
His compassion says that I am never too flawed to receive His goodness.


We can be vulnerable with God. He knows right where we are.
Don’t hide. He wants to meet you in that secret place.
He wants to show you something. He has a bouquet to present to you.
You are worthy of that sweet aroma. You are worthy of His acceptance.
You are worthy of His smile.
HE is worthy of your praise. He is worthy to be adored.
He delights in His bride.


Living to Worship Him,