Back to School with DaySpring

I was contacted by DaySpring several weeks ago about trying out and using their Back to School products. I said yes of course! They shipped it right out at no charge at all to me.
I was pleasantly surprised by the treasure that was packed in the box!
The list:

  • Binder ($4.99)
  • Spiral notebook ($2.49)
  • Composition notebook ($2.99)
  • 2 Pencil pouches ($3.99/each)
  • Folder ($2.49, 2 pk.)

Prices are today’s prices. Prices may change.
We’re enjoying using these very affordable products.
My favorite to read is the “Citizen of Heaven” items:

I am an alien.
I am not of this world, nor do I call it “home”.
My desires are not for earthly things that will fade, corrode or burn.
I set my heart and mind on things above.
My faith and hope are in God alone and I eagerly await His return for me.
I am a citizen of Heaven.
1 Peter 2:11, Col. 3:1-3, 1 John 2:15-17, 1 Thess. 4:17, Php. 3:20

Shop the DaySpring Online Store  for their full line of products and stay stocked up while being reminded of and sharing the Word of God!
Happy Homeschooling!

Write the Word Bible Journals
Write the Word Bible Journals