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This is my first go round with “AS OF LATE” hosted by my friend Kristen! After reading my few words, I encourage you to click the button here and read what she and others are getting into As of Late.image

  • Lately, I’ve been getting our Course of Study done for homeschool in the Fall. I’m finished. Now it’s purchasing time! (Imagine the giddiness in my voice AND believing God for provision!)
  • Lately, I’ve pushed back from my computer a little more
  • Lately, I’ve been listening to God louder than I listen to anyone else. (It does make sense).
  • Lately, I’ve been growing tomatoes on my front porch. It’s amazing the water they soak up!
  • Lately, my home is more peaceful. Hearts and minds are being renewed!
  • Lately, (and for some time now) God has allowed me to connect with wonderful women that I know actually pray for me! ALL of you know who you are and I love you much!!

How about you!? How has your “As of Late” been looking lately? Comment or even link up to the Editor’s Blog!

Until Next Time…Be Abundantly Blessed!

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  • Melissa

    Sounds like a lot has been going on lately! Saw that you are a fan of CWA- I am a member too and love, love Noelle and her ministry. Great to “meet” you here on your blog…just became a follower.

  • Hi Melissa!! I’ve seen you around CWA AND I’ve listened to you on Blog Talk Radio:) Glad to meet you!!

  • “Louder than anyone else” – love. that.

    Miss you, girl!

  • I have all of our school material for next year. Now, I’m in the process of getting all the lesson plans typed out. It will probably take me the rest of the summer to finish! 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  • I grow tomatoes on my front porch too! I’ve been loving watching them grow. =] Good for you for pushing away from the computer more. I have 5 homeschool kids and work on the computer a lot. I know where you’re coming from.

  • Love that as you’ve pushed away from technology, you’ve heard God louder and your home is more peaceful. I find that connection too! I really enjoyed hearing your latelys. 😉

  • debbout

    This was my first time participating too. Wasn’t it wonderful! I want next month to have more positive things to report.

  • Kristen, If you happen to get back here to this comment, can you holla at a girl? (…If you can squeeze out a second. 😉

  • Love your “as of late” list. Listening to God louder than to anyone else — 🙂 🙂 Perfect. We are also watering tomatoes and waiting/hoping for a good crop.

  • Sounds like your up to a lot of GOOD as of late, ::SMILE::
    I’m happy for you!

  • Lately, I’ve been listening to God louder than I listen to anyone else. (It does make sense). – I SO get this. Love it!