Am I Selfish?

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“Am I Selfish?” is a post that I wrote to be shared elsewhere today! Where did it go?
Like a Warm Cup of Coffee!!
Sarah Mae opened the door and thank God for enough insight to walk on in! Thank you Sarah Mae! 🙂
The topic is about Uplifting Your Man. I pray that it is an eye-opener for anyone that needs it.
Go there! I’m there today.


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  • Thank you so much for lending your wisdom to my readers today! What a blessing you are! 🙂

  • I came over from that post to thank you personally. I NEEDED to hear that. I’ve been struggling in my marriage because I feel my husband has been making mistakes, ruining our lives, ect….so I nag, I make him feel badly, I give him a hard time. This needs to STOP! I am called to honor and love him regardless of what he does, and I’m really going to try and do just that.

    THANK YOU for your honesty and wisdom. God bless!

  • Anything to help us remember that our husbands are our heros! We love you guys!